• I would say a Tiger
  • Depends on their location, and relative proximity to me! Bars? Glass? Cage of some sort?
  • They are equal dangerous. All animals will attack you if a) they are defending themselves or their young or b) if they are carnivores and hungry.
  • I would expect a tiger...but there have been examples in history of prides of lions (yes, entire prides) preferentially preying upon humans. In fact: one such pride quite cleverly ran a "circuit", visiting several villages in turn (rather than preying upon one village exclusively). The circuit was of such a size that the villagers of Village A became unwary while the lions were (sequentially) hunting at Villages B, C, D, E, F, etc...eventually returning to Village A, continuing the circuit. (Eventually it was realized that it was a single pride employing that clever strategy and the pride destroyed by well-armed forces.) Tigers and bears, being typically solo hunters, would not be as dangerous.

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