• No, but I've sometimes gotten off the elevator on the wrong floor in my condo building and tried to open a door that didn't belong to me. That police officer who shot a man in an apartment she thought was hers -- I knew very well that she could have made that mistake, though you'd think she would have realized it before she pulled out her gun and started firing.
  • I haven't, but my mom did once. In the early 1980's, my aunt had a 1969 Camaro. One afternoon my mom saw a car just like it in the Kroger parking lot. The windows were down and the doors were unlocked, so she got in, thinking that it was my aunt's car. She started going through the glove box, looking for a piece of paper to write a sarcastic note about leaving your car unlocked, when she heard a male voice say "what the hell are you doing in my car!?" My mom apologized profusely, and told him that she thought it was her sister's car. Luckily, the guy knew my aunt because they were both in a local Camaro club.
  • I didn't open the door, and there was a person in the parking lot that caught me doing it. We laughed.
  • LOL! I remember one time coming out of the Walmart and doing just that to a mans car who was doing the same thing to my car. We had the same cars parked not too far apart. We locked eyes with each other first, then looked at our cars, looked back at each other, then busted out laughing. 😄
  • On an extremely rare occasion, very vague memories but I can imagine that feeling embarrassing.

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