• This isn’t the strongest feeling I’ve felt, but it’s probably the best strong feeling story I’m willing to share. In Middle School I had a crush on a boy. It was more like an infatuation. He played a song by my favorite band on his little classical guitar and I was hooked. Ha ha. Anyway, he was giving a presentation in front of the class, therefore making it acceptable for me to stare at him. As I looked at him I experienced the most intense feelings of love I’ve ever felt. I felt like I was floating. I had intense full body tingles. My heart was pounding. I thought I might faint. I felt high from it for days afterwards. I’ll never forget that feeling
  • Divorce was awful! And after a verbal agreement he came back and took my son as well while my mother was dying. But losing my grandson was worse. I guess because my son wanted to live with his dad. I was also estranged from my son for a while when I lost my grandson. I sacrificed everything in my life for my family. They were the most important things on earth to me. When I realized they had no intention of ever placing him with me, I went into a severe depression got sick and lost my home. To this day I can't allow myself to think about him, or I will spiral into depression.
  • remorse and disappointment in myself when I screwed up at work. nobody could be harder on my mistakes than me. 😖

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