• There is no proof, Trump made it and people are gullible. It’s called being to proud of yourself. I mean come on, how is it a fraud one year out for of 50 something. He didn’t say it was a fraud four elections ago, even though it was proven that the Russians helped cheat. He just wants the spotlight he doesn’t care about the country, he only cares about himself.
    • SaltyOutOfTheBLUE
      If you obviously don't have proof that the Russians helped Trump cheat, why do you think they did? You said that Trump didn't have proof of fraud in the voting process.That makes you just as gullible as the rest. You just proved your own point by not watching your words.
  • Oh, I don't know, maybe the two hundred plus signed affidavits that have been signed by poll workers, observers and drivers.
    • bostjan64
      Were any of them first-hand? That is, were there any testimonies from people who directly saw election interference?
    • Archie Bunker
      According to the reports that I've seen, they are many firsthand accounts.
    • bostjan64
      Could you post a link? I'd love to read those. Up to now, I had only seen second-hand reports. The judges have thrown those out, and, without them, there hasn't been much else left to talk about in court. If there are any accounts that meet a higher standard of evidence, the public should be made aware!

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