• I would rate it a 7 if we could do more things on here
  • 3. I am willing to offer for them to pay me $10,000 for so many fixes it needs, but they just do not work that way.
  • I just created an account a few days ago. Thus far, I would rate this site an "8."
  • Right now I would rate it a 3. Far too many mixing up of new and old questions. There is more than a dozen fixes I would do for it for $10,000.
  • 7-8 It would be nice if you got points for answers like on Yahoo Answers.
    • Linda Joy
      Some people take that stuff WAAAYY too seriously! I've had a target on my back over silly stuff like that. There's no need to hate/envy someone whose life is so empty they spend their entire day on here! Just my two cents.
    • Victorine
      I don't care about points, but the site definitely needs some improvements.
  • 5 but only because its picking up now that YA closed.
  • Having experience frequenting YA, Quora, several homework sites, and the old AB- I'd give it a solid 3. The categories are broken, the format of the answers is limited to alphanumeric characters and a few punctuation marks, with any special characters breaking the page (we can't even use carriage return!), the moderators and staff are almost completely invisible and impossible to contact, and notifications haven't worked properly for years. The features here are bare bones, and often the updates we DO get are things no one was asking for. That said, the questions and answers here are still a good mix between entertaining and informative, which is a big positive. Still, that just makes it all the more apparent that the site still has the potential to be an 8 or a 9 with a little ongoing maintenance.
    • Victorine
      Right. Why can't we post our answers in proper paragraphs, for example? That's just ONE issue.
  • 7 rating
  • A solid 2. I'm new here, but it seems like it's pretty childish. Questions like WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIZZA, WHAT HAIR COLOR DO YOU LIKE, WHAT KIND OF CAR DO YOU DRIVE, WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT SUMMER, and so on. The silliest, most childish questions get asked here. It's like a chat forum for 8-year-olds a lot of the time. Also, as more and more of the Yahoo Ashwers trolls begin to settle-in here, like NCWJ, Rolexeo, etc, it will get even worse.
  • I think it needs work. I'll give it a 5/6 at the moment.

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