• Facts don't matter to those wanting socialism here in the US. They think that their brand of socialism will work, just because it's "democratic socialism."
  • I am British and our Labour party are very little different to our Conservative party. Americans surely remember Tony Blair who helped you after 9/11 and in Iraq. The Labour party hasn't been in power for more than 10 years now,but the Conservatives (Tory's) is our natural party of government.
  • All forms of government has been tried multiple times, and some do accommodate the governing they have, where Norway made it a great mix of socialism Democracy. Please look up the term "Socialism" before knocking it. The dictionary definition speaks well of it.
  • I think that, despite having some valid points, this article is factually incorrect. Israel was never a socialist nation, it merely had a liberal party governing it for a number of years. The present-day version of that party might no longer hold the majority, but it holds an important portion of the governing seats so as to have a profound effect on policy. India is currently a socialist state, according to the preamble of their constitution (which was amended in the mid-1970's to declare India a "Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic," language which the article attempts to paint as the original post WWII language, which it was not). If their current ruling party is considered "the right wing," but, if you look into their policies on social and economic issues, they are clearly influenced by socialism, they just happen to be more nationalistic and tougher on terrorism and foreign policy than their counterparts within India. And the UK was never a socialist nation, that's just trying desperately to stretch the truth in order to make the article more sensational. The article doesn't even really seem like it's convinced itself that the UK was ever a socialist nation, but whatever. If you read the article itself, and do a little fact checking on the side, it's mostly good stuff, it just does the typical thing articles these days do where it appears that the person who wrote the title of the article is not the author of the article, nor perhaps any reader of the article. Socialism as an economic policy "works" as well as any other government-mandated economic model, and "fails" as poorly as any other government-mandated economic model. Socialism-influenced policies will continue to gain steam in countries with big populations, lik China, India, Russia, and yes, even the USA. Fully blown Marxist-Leninist models are arguably not even really a modern thing. China, Marxist on paper, has an economic model that still has a Marxist core, but has been reformed so much over the past 7 decades that it really doesn't function as a Marxist model in any concrete way. Nearby Laos and Vietnam are taking quite a bit of influence from China as well as their other neighbours and really don't fit a Marxist model anymore, either. I believe Cuba's Marxist tendencies are also going away with time. Certainly there will be some sort of newer model that spreads a slightly different but mostly similar set of ideas, but as for Marxism, it truly appears that the world's general attitude now is "been there, done that."
  • I think most of the people who are totally against socialism don't have the slightest idea what the word means. I actually heard one woman who was asked what socialism meant say it meant you didn't support your own race.
  • People like to pretend that they don't love socialism already, like the typical right wingers who say I HATE SOCIALISM... while they bank at banks that are federally insured, while they cash their stimulus checks, while they collect their social security checks, while they use medicare and medicaid, farm welfare, and on and on with all the gov't "handouts" they benefit from (as they call them...) I just laugh at the ignorant, dishonest morons and ignore them, like I do every time a booger-eating Right Winger blabs and blabs....

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