• I expect the economy to end up in shambles and socialist policies to reign supreme.
  • Debt and more debt
    • Linda Joy
      Poor slaughtered babies silently crying a river of blood maybe. But this question is your opportunity to say what great things you expect of Biden and how he's so worth of your vote! What's wrong, couldn't you think of anything? You're the one still complaining about votes when the election is over and done. I'm ready for the amazing things Biden is going to do!!
    • Archie Bunker
      C'mon man. He hasn't done anything in 47 years, what great things could there possibly be now?
  • For starters he'll bring back scientists to his COVID task force.
    • Archie Bunker
      "There's no reason to be walking around with a mask." - Dr Anthony Fauci
    • bostjan64
      That's true, but a little context can go a long way. Fauci told people not to wear masks very early in 2020, when masks were being prioritized for health care workers and the government was concerned that there were not enough masks in supply, then, weeks later, told everyone to wear masks. People wearing masks are getting covid, but people not wearing masks are still more likely to become infected if they are exposed. In the current situation both Fauci and the CDC strongly recommend wearing masks and staying away from situations that could lead to exposure.
  • tyranny, tyranny and more tyranny. less and less freedom, rights and Constitutional protection.
  • I do not expect him to last four years. He was merely the means to an end, that being to surreptitiously install the first woman president (Harris), and shoehorn Killary into the vacated VP seat.
  • about 95% maintaining status quo the other 5%... reducing space and military budget, with the consequence that once again Russia and China become much more aggressive, and China becoming more active in space programs (though China might be having too hard a time economically at the moment to take advantage of our lapse in space missions) resurgence in power of one or more terrorist groups ***like*** ISIS/ISIL

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