• I will stick with Trump, even as he lags behind with a week to go before US Election Day 2020.
  • I think Trump will win. I'm only about 50% sure of that though. He might lose the popular vote by a wider margin than 2016 (which was 2.5M votes), but the Republican Party has given every indication that they will not play fair, and the Democratic Party is too dumb and ineffective to think up any clever way to outsmart them. Even if Trump loses on election night, though, which is plausible, teflon Don will ultimately Tr(i)ump(f) by involving congress or the courts to somehow spin out a win. I don't think he is smarter than the average American, but he is definitely smarter than the average politician by a wide margin, and he has very few scruples if any... And even if somehow, Biden wins the electoral vote, Trump concedes defeat, Biden is sworn in, and becomes president, I'm not sure he'll make it four years. He's 78 going on 104. Anyway, who knows, I have tons of facts and figures and they all wash each other out, so I have no idea.

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