• Every word has its appropriate use, even if it is only in one specific instance.
  • Can't - there is no such thing.
    • Glambarber
      What do you mean?
    • Archie Bunker
      There is no such thing as "can't." "Can't" means that you don't want to put in the effort to try.
    • 1465
      And yet you use it in your comment. Isn't irony a crazy thing...?
    • Linda Joy
      Yes is the word you don't use?
  • Bureaucracy. I can barely spell it.
  • The word "try" is one word that I don't use because it is overused. Instead of "trying" for the theater group, one can say "audition" for the theater group. Instead of "try" this recipe, one can say "prepare" this recipe. Instead of "trying" the food, one can say "sample" the food. A train station in my area displayed a huge banner that read "TRY OUT NEW FARE GATES" instead of "USE OUR NEW FARE GATES."
  • Terms like 'why the heck', why the hell' and 'why the whatever...' Why not just say WHY?
  • I try not to use offensive terms for race, gender, sexuality etc.
  • Your question is redundant. Any answer disqualifies itself. As to your example, the words "hate" and "can't" are of common usage and thus can't be avoided. Both words have usages other than the context that you have exemplified. "Hate" means a strong dislike - there's nothing inappropriate about saying "I hate" something. Many people "hate" liver. To say they "strongly dislike" liver sounds idiotic. As to the word "can't", it's a contraction of "cannot". Does "I will 'help' you to be serious sound any better than "you can't be serious". It's all context, my friend. Negative connotations of these words are fueled by Political Correctness and are being misused.

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