• There are a lot of questions that need to be evaluated. How did she obtain her current insurance? Does her boyfriend have insurance that world cover all of her needs? Should they divorce, will she be able to obtain the same insurance again?
  • Are you her payee? Or her caretaker? She can call her insurance company and ask them these questions rather than divulge any private information online.
  • My husband receives disability since before we got together. We have a baby together it's based on income in household. So she shouldn't.
    • Linda Joy
      Unless her boyfriend has an income, then it will be adjusted.
  • After editing your question I would suggest you let her mental health professional know of your concerns so they can advise her accordingly. If she is getting a social security disability check you can call them and ask general questions but they will probably decline to answer any case specific information. If you know how much money the boyfriend makes you may be able to get more accurate information. Thank you for looking out for your cousin. But without being a payee or having any legal say in the matter there is really nothing you can do but talk to your cousin or whomever is legally able to act on her behalf and express your concerns. If you pray, pray for clarity and reason for her regarding this decision. Pray for the answers you feel you need and pray that God's will be done. Then trust that what happens is God's will for whatever purpose He sees fit. Even the mentally ill have lessons to learn while on earth. And I'll pray for you both!

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