• Of course, they have different nutritional needs. But packing? i think the man must have just shoved it into a bag, whereas a woman would use a wicker basket with flowers?
  • I think we both eat through mouth.
    • Linda Joy
      How do you think a guy would pack a meal differently from a woman?
    • bostjan64
      Wellllll..... I get in trouble every time I try to make general statements. A woman could do whatever a man does, if that's what floats the woman's boat for whatever reason. However.... generally speaking, men weigh more than women, men tend to have a higher muscle mass than women (on average), and men tend to burn more calories in a day than women tend to do on average. I would expect the average man to pack more carbohydrates and protein-rich foods into a dinner basket if he was making the dinner for himself. But if the man knew he was packing the dinner for a woman, he would likely over-correct that trend and pack mostly sugar and spice and everything nice.
    • Cry me a River
      Bost, where did you acquire your sense for words? Also, how did you get to be so "knowledgeable"??
    • Linda Joy
      I see what you mean. I believe he packed as if for himself and you are on track. But this man likes sweets. The first thing I opened were the dinner rolls... FIVE of them! A huge pile of meat, potatoes, scalloped pineapple and pie. Apparently he skipped the veggies! I'm not complaining! It was all great! I just thought it was funny, and a little interesting.
  • What was the question? Eating? Or packing?šŸ˜ˆ
    • Linda Joy
      Take your pick.
    • Cry me a River
      Real question is who likes raisins better?
    • Cry me a River
      Iā€™m thinking men do,, I like them but Iā€™m not fanatic. I know a man who is fanatic about them.

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