• True Blood is a decent choice. I really enjoyed Breaking Bad, but I also loved the old show Police Squad. If you liked the Naked Gun movie, you should check it out.
    • Linda Joy
      If Police Squad was a take off on Police Academy I'd love it! And I loved Naked Gun too or maybe it was Naked Gun 2 1/2? If you like those you'd like Airplane and Spaceballs.
  • America’s game, Wheel Of Fortune. I like the hosts , most times :) jk
  • Sister Wives for a long time, now I am into 90 day fiancé bad times. Those on there are so stupid in their love lives
  • Resently, 2gether the series.
  • I am obsessed with The Walking dead. I love the characters and how the grow during an apocalyptic event!😈
  • Once Upon A Time. It is a TV series about fantasy, adventure and drama:
  • Chuck, Psych, NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI, Friends. O.k I think it obvious I haven't watched much tv in about 10 years.

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