• YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one seems to run this site. Nothing is date/time stamped. I wish it was run responsibly. I would like to spend some time here, but it just frustrates me because it seems like a site 6th grade students created and maintain, or rather don't maintain. But actually, I guess they think it's all good. It's just not.
    • bostjan64
      The frustrating thing to me about the date and time stamps is that the underlying mechanics must be there, because every question is marked as "recently," "a short time ago," "a little while ago," "a while back," or "some time ago." These extremely vague time stamps sound like the interface was coded before the invention of the sundial. For instance, when does "a while back" become "some time ago?" Also, answers are not stamped at all.
    • Linda Joy
      Those descriptions only describe when the questions entered the questions list. NOT WHEN THEY WERE POSTED. For that you need to look at the view # in the address bar!
    • Linda Joy
      I would like for this site to be a bit busier, but I kinda like the small community. If 6th grade management is what it takes I can live without all the bells, whistles and trolls. There is always Reddit and YA for those who want a larger audience.
  • Sometimes. I've sent comments in the the AB "Staff" (that never seems to be there) and it never seems to get addressed.
    • Linda Joy
      I've posted questions here before that WERE addressed. But I'm not holding my breath. I scrolled a couple of pages and did see one of your questions there.

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