• If your apartment complex doesn't allow cats you shouldn't have brought her there. You should find a new home for the cat or move to a place that allows them.
    • Hershey2008
      My apt complex does allow cats but not dogs. If they didn't allow cats here I wouldn't be living here.
    • Linda Joy
      Then why do you "only let her out when the executive director of the apt complex is not here"? How to litter train a cat:
    • Hershey2008
      Cause if the executive director sees the cat outside I could get fined. My neighbor lets her cat and the executive director says nothing.
    • Linda Joy
      Does your cat take it personally?
  • It took you a couple of months to realize that the cat wasn't using the litter box but instead was pissing on the floor? Maybe you should pay more attention to your cat.
    • HersheysPal
      It did not take me a couple of months to realize that she was not using the box. She doesn't pee on the floor and she only pissed on my desk once.

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