• I just answered Ice man's question on how we eat grapefruit. I don't know anybody else that fixes it the way I do but it was just a matter of convenience. Mini pizza on cornbread, cream of mushroom soup used like a clam sauce on spaghetti, bbq sauce on baked potato (sometimes, just for something different) habanero sauce in my mayo for sandwiches. I've Poached Eggs instead of boiling them so I don't have to peel them when I add them in salads and such. I've also cooked them in the microwave in silicone muffin pans. Probably lots of others
    • Anoname
      AB has unfroze me. I can respond again. You cook "outside the box".
    • Linda Joy
      There is a box? (Smiling) (singing) I did it my way!

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