• AMEN !
  • People dress provocatively to get a reaction. Sometimes the reaction isn't from the person they want.
    • Linda Joy
      Good point !
  • I wonder that as well. I have two family members that like to display their boobs. Sure don't understand it, odd behavior to me.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm more like the bottom description
  • maybe they werent expecting anyone to look at it
  • I had an Intensive Case Manager who would wear revealing clothes and the jeans would be least 2 sizes too small...So figure out where I'm getting ..Also, her boobs would appear bigger too ..This was a Woman who worked with mentally Illl people such as myself?
    • Linda Joy
      What did you DO about it? Enjoy the view or report her?
  • A friend recently told me how Ecuador or one of those nations is the rape capital of the world, where if a woman wears a miniskirt, the courts tell her she shouldn't have dressed so promiscuously.,
  • Women are vain and self-centered. They thrive on attention and will move heaven and earth to get it - but on their own terms.

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