• have the bride scrape up the money for it somehow so it can all be HER wedding!!!!!!!!! besides, any DECENT mother would respect the bride's wishes!! what is her problem? paying for it? so what! be gracious and let the bride have her way for HER DAY................jeeze!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Forget wedding. Aug. 20 2017
  • i would probably tell her to stay out of it and she dont have to pay
  • Whoever is paying for it has final say. If you dont like it pay for that portion yourselves. Pay for the cake you want or the musicians you want. If you dont like how the wedding is going, hire a justice of the peace and tell everyone to bring a picnic and meet you in the park or go to city hall.
  • Are you marrying the fianc
  • i wouldnt get married if theyre always going to fight about stuff
  • You tell Mom straight up that her suggestions will be considered but the bride makes all final decisions, no exceptions, no arguments. Then add, "if you want to withdraw your financial help we understand". Many mothers are notorious in demanding control of the lives of their offspring's marriages. It is imperative they understand that will never happen and if that remains ia problem she will not be in your life. Screw the financial help, it is absolutely not worth it if there are ANY strings attached. And DO NOT tell the names you have chosen for your babies before until the ink on the birth certificate is dry.
  • That did not occur in my case and never would. My mother would never be meddling in our wedding plans. You should give your fianc
  • tell your mom to stop or elope
  • I'm already married and we didn't have that problem.
  • It's up to you and your partner.
  • The couple needs to decide what is right not the Mother (but her advice is often the best).
  • Sneak out the back door and secure a bottle of something stronger than 60 proof.
  • It's the groom's day and the bride's day. and if she wants to keep her man, she better stand by him. they should work together to decide what they want. If mom doesn't want to pay, go to city hall. and don't invite MIL. and tell MIL if she doesn't change her attitude, her visits with the grandchildren (when they come) will be SEVERELY LIMITED!! Time to grow up BRIDE!

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