• 6-28-2017 In 1954, a group of sound technicians went to Saltzburg, Austria carrying spring wound tape recorders, tube type amplifiers, and many many batteries. They recorded local artists in local biergartens and produced a 12" vinyl record album. (10" records were still in use, but the industry was starting to prefer 12".) Oh, and it was recorded in stereo, considered the cutting edge of technology at the time.
    • Linda Joy
      Whoa cool! What was the name of it? 78's were 10 in records weren't they? I had a 78 record as a kid. It had my favorite song on it and my sister sat on the record and broke it.
    • Jewels Vern
      Did you click the link? There is a picture of the album cover and a full playlist.
    • Linda Joy
      No I already told you I can't catch links off this site on my phone. When I get to the end of the link it automatically goes all the way to the bottom of the page. But I'm sure others will enjoy it!
    • Jewels Vern
      Silly me, I generally don't remember small details like that. It sounds like you need to get a different phone. What you describe is not normal.
    • Linda Joy
      It was free and right now I'm saving for a car.
  • It was some kind of bugle call, followed by a scratchy recitation of "Mary had a little lamb."
    • Linda Joy
      And you paid money for that? Lol
    • B.H. Wilson
      Yeah, that was a monster hit song by 'Tommy E and the Aluminum Foil Cylinders.'
    • mushroom
      For my next trick: "The Great Train Robbery"
  • ive never really bought them
  • The Mommas and the Pappas.
  • Slightly embarrassing now but it was Guns N Roses Welcome to the Jungle on tape. You?
    • Linda Joy
      First single "I gotcha" First album "ABC"
  • The Police - Synchronicity

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