• I would say yes I agree.
  • Yes, it was a cheap price to pay to find out the truth about what kind of person they really are. : (
  • Disagree, America has been trying that crap for decades and their economy is now running on trillions of debt. They're having to resort to illegal proxy wars to make unwanted people disappear now.
  • The reason I agree it is when someone asks and you loan it to them and they did not really intend to pay it back. That is a con artist way. Some don't know the meaning of what a confidence person is they get your confidence and use it against you.
  • disagree cause they didnt pay you back
    • Rick Myres
      So you would disagree because they disappeared? I agree because they will keep using your confidence against you as long as they can.
  • Common Sense saying no however I'll say agree. I loaned out a lot stuff did favors for lots of people and never saw anything or any repayment. Offer it up to the divine and he will repay you.
  • I just recently gave a young man in need $25 and suggested he "Pay it Forward" when he can help another.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't usually have $25 to give away, but I usually leave the quarter in the cart at Aldi for the next person. My way of giving back what little I'm able.
  • Disagree. Could be you owed them it and they got it off you another way. Or it could be they were in need and you failed them and they are now swinging from a rafter somewhere, with a suicide note labelled to you. Either way, it's always best to make sure it's not you at fault for such scenarios - sure if you got scammed then it's their loss as you'll make many more 20's, whereas their next 20 will land them a few years in the slammer.
    • Linda Joy
      So you're trying to say if I loan someone 20 bucks and never see them again somehow I'm wrong for that? Dude even you don't believe that! You're just trying to be a jerk! I don't borrow money. And if someone commits suicide that's their choice regardless what anyone else did or did not do to or for them! And I'm releasing 20 more questions because you were an ass to me. Hahahahahahahahhaha

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