• Proverbs 10:1 states " A wise son makes his father rejoice,But a foolish son is the grief of his mother." This, and many other Scriptures, show us the importance of dedicating time to our families. The benefits are life-long.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree. But you didn't answer the question.
  • Only one example of that comes to mind. My first job required me to work Christmas Eve. My Mother was adamant that I stay home. I had to honor my work commitments. It was required of me to be at the job. My Mother got over it. I wanted to be with the family, and regret not being ABLE to stay with them Christmas Eve, but a man has to do what a man has to do in life.
  • In a way yes. When I was in the Navy I had a chance to attend Photographersmate schooling. I could have retired from the Navy with a very good pension. My father said he needed me home to help him on our farm. He quit farming a year later. I did go to university and obtained a BS in Secondary education. Over all I did regret not having taken the Navy schooling. The one thing I always wanted to be was an archaeologist but I never had the math and science backgrounds necessary. This was because we moved so much. I went to 14 different schools not counting universitys. I am 78 now and getting by. I have had many disappointments some of which were sacrifices for my family directly or indirectly.
    • Linda Joy
      I joined the Navy and left the Navy both for the sake of my son.
    • Thinker
      Wow! we have both had some disappointments in life and from the Navy.
  • Yes, I have. I wouldn't say that I regret it, but there were a few different approaches that would have worked out better in the long run. It's difficult to explain the situation briefly, and no one cares to hear too much personal information, so I'll leave it at that.
  • I was in a relationship from 1979 until around 1984 that produced a son. She already had two daughters by a previous marriage and was collecting child welfare for them. At the mention of me getting a job, she would go into a rage and start with her "you just want an excuse to be away from me" routine. I never worked for the 5 years we were together other than the times I had to get away from her and went to stay with family out of state for a month or so. But we always got back together and it wasn't long before she was at it again. It totally destroyed my self-esteem. I finally had to leave for good. I never saw my son again for about 35 years. On that day, things were a little awkward and he was cordial. I hoped to see him again but I haven't heard from him, nor have I seen my grandkids except on that one day. As to whether I regret it or not, I don't know. I've lost a lot, but I've got my self-esteem back. Would it have been better the other way around? Could my son and his kids be proud of someone with no self-esteem? I don't want to know. I've made myself into a better person than I was back then, so I have something positive to show for it.

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