• If a thing is worth doing, then it's worth overdoing.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Only in Hollywood.
  • I say "Viva la difference!" Celebrate that we are male and female. Because the only other option is the icky one modern feminists suggest, where gender roles have been outlawed, and boys have to play with barbie dolls, whether they want to or not, just to show that there is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL! (I have had it explained to me, this is what they seek. Well, not all feminists. They come in different stripes. But there's a faction that wants to entirely eliminate any ability to distinguish which is which. And I think that's icky and unreasonable. And it adds fuel and credibility to the notion that feminists are man haters. (It's a shame though, because the story of the suffragettes (and even the second wave) is a positive in our history. But NOW..pthht!!! You know this all started with generation x and that "political correctness" campaign they waged, to get to be language police, for a kick. Yeesh! ..I LIKE that women golfers are just called golfers now (because they actually play as well). I LIKE that we changed things to allow half the race to develop their full potential unrestrained by prejudice. But....the world has sure gone crazy now.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Where does this craziness end? I remember reading about a study where they found that men have no problem with women having their own "stuff" (awards, gyms, clubs) but it was the women (feminists) who had a problem with men having their own. Take a look at the YMCA, where women are allowed but no men in the YWCA. But at least we can all pee in the same bathroom now and try on clothes together in Target.
  • It is more than a little riduculous if you ask me. That`s a new word, isn`t it? `Riduculous`.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Is that a hip hop thing? Hey, remember when people wanted to add "ridonkulous" to the dictionary. I was against that. I thought it was lewdikrous.
  • 7-28-2017 Daniel said it would happen, and Jesus said it would be worse than anything ever before. One would not want to be found resisting the prophecy.

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