• Temperature change is usually the answer. If he likes it warm, put on the air conditioning or strip off the comforter. If he likes it cold, then turn up the heat. Sleep is about comfort. But really, you don't want to start a war if you care about the relationship. If that extra sleep is a problem but clearly he thinks it's important, then you probably have to give up something you think is important in exchange for him giving that up.
  • Have you considered pouring ice water on him?
  • 3-25-2017 Beg? You are trying to reason with a sleeping person? You really need to get in touch with reality. You wake a person by shaking them, with one hand. If they don't get up then they need professional help.
    • Jewels Vern
      Guessing now: Get a bottle of B-100 at the vitamin counter and make him take one every day. Maybe it will help, maybe not.
  • That is not your responsibility but his. If he doesn't appreciate what you are trying to do and take the hint then not only is he irresponsible but ungrateful as well. You deserve better.

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