• I used to cure people of using profanity by always saying, "watch your language" when a person would say those things around me. It's a short and friendly way of bringing it to their attention that they had let a word slip. It annoyed them at first but they all, in the end, thanked me. They had to admit they would never have realized they were doing it if I hadn't made sure they were aware of it as soon as they did it. It did cure them. Unfortunately, I can't do it for myself and nobody around me is ever diligent enough to do the same for me. I can cuss like a US Marine.
  • Get a new habit but that's better for you :)
  • By changing whatever is responsible for your having the bad habit.
  • First of all you have to want it badly enough. Other than that I'd need specifics to give more effective advice. Some people use snapping a rubber band on their wrist when they slip. Many have advised substituting it with a better habit. Like candy or cinnamon sticks instead of cigarettes. Some use a patch. Some use nasty stuff on their nails to keep from biting them etc. But most of my ideas would be specific to the habit.

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