• Me, popping out of my Mother's glory hole....
    • Ice man
      Oh, that would fall under the category of "hysterical events". I think I'd go for a more historical type of event.
    • beaker95
      Which is....?
    • Ice man
      Watching Winston Churchill tying his own shoe laces, or smoking his first cigar.
    • beaker95
      Did they have shoe laces back then...? I thought it was all velcro and magnets.....
    • Ice man
      Yes they did, and before that it was straps & buckles. Velcro and magnets came much later. There ends your history lesson for today...
    • beaker95
      Have you set any homework....?
  • I'd like to submit my commercial for illegal falsified Government documents here rather than answer the question. Is that OK? Isn't that what we're doing here?
  • I would like to travel back in time. there is a problem with traveling back in time. For each 1200 years you go back the gravity of the earth doubles. If you go back about 4,800 years it would be very difficult for us to breath or even stand. By the same token to travel forward 4,800 years the air would be so thin we could not breath. The half life of gravity is 1200 years. Going back 12,000 years organic life cannot exist as we know it today.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      And this is based on?
  • Time travel is not linear. You would have to know where the earth would be at that point in time or you'd be floating in space where you thought the earth would be, and I'm not convinced our entire universe might not be spinning around some other unknown entity which would totally screw up the predicted coordinates. Besides after watching Frequency I'd be afraid I'd screw up something in the present by going into the past.

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