• How old are they? If they are under 5 years old simply put them in their bed and make them stay there. If they scream and throw a tantrum do what my mother did, she gave me a spanking (NOT a beating). You are the parent so be one. Children are to obey their parents as long as they are not being abused. A spanking is not abuse.
  • Make each of them drink a can of beer with their lunch. That should make them a little more sleepy-faced by nap time. : )
    • Black Mystique
      That's just too oops funny
    • mushroom
      The apples from the sangria are also good for this.
  • 4-2-2017 Lie down on the bed with them until they fall asleep.
  • if they are anxious they wont take their naps. don't think u should force them. in due time tiredness will make them sleep.
  • Take them to the park before lunch and let them get some fresh air and a lot of exercise that'll wear them out.
  • From the movie Honey, I Blew Up The Kid : "NO NAP !"
  • Just calmly put them in their beds, give them their fav toy and a book and tell them that you would like them to nap for an hour but if they can't sleep they have your permission to read or play with the toy but they have to stay in their bed. Also give them a warm glass of milk 15 minutes before nap time. Worked for us.

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