• Yes I am offended by being called Ma'am. I am from Bellevue Ne.
  • No. I'm only 18 and I started getting it in restaurants, stores etc a few years ago. I'm in Louisiana. It seems like a common courtesy.
  • No it doesn't bother me I'm from Louisiana.
  • I'm from WI. My mom finds it offensive since she thinks it makes her sound old. While on the flip side I wouldn't mind it much since it makes me feel a bit older.
  • No, it doesn't offend me at all. I'm from Arkansas, and I've lived in Oklahoma, Mississippi, and South Carolina as well. Everywhere I've lived, it it quite customary, and appropriate to say ma'am. It's simply a way of showing respect.
  • I don't really mind it. Oh, and I'm from Delmarva, the crappy part of Maryland.
  • No , I'd rather be called Ma'am then something else - lol +5
  • No...but it sure used to. I thought it was younger people's way of taking a shot ... now I'm much older and realize it's mostly an attempt at politeness. I'm not Southern. My suggestion is .... use Miss unless you know for a fact that the person is married and/or collecting social security....
  • No ma'am it doesn not. Utah ma'am. thanks
  • No ma'am it doesn not. Utah ma'am. thanks
  • i'm from mississippi, so i call every woman older than me ma'am, and one day i know people will do the same to me. it would never offend me, just because i was raised that it is respectful.
  • I'm from Oklahoma. It's fairly common. And while I know it is intended to denote respect, it does bother me. I associate it with age. This is not necessarily true, but that is my perception. On more than one occasion I have said to someone, "Please don't call me ma'am." Am I being paranoid? :) (yes)
  • I prefer miss- I think of ma'am as a super polite thing. Either miss, or "Hey Lady!".
  • I'm in california. You don't hear of it so much but when someone does, it's flattering :)
  • I am from Maryland and I don't mind it at all. I was brought up to say it and still do. We were taught that is was good manners to say,Yes ma'am..Yes sir or get whacked on the side of the head if we didn't..especially by the nuns at St. Mary's.:)
  • No, I don't mind... However, in Spanish I HATE when I am referred to as "Señora". Even though it's courteous, it makes me feel old...
  • I'm offended because it's sexist and ageist. You might as well be saying, excuse me old, ugly woman. Because that's the only people that seem to get ma'amed is someone in your estimation is older or not attractive enough to be a Miss. I have been called both, depending on how I'm dressed! That tells you something. And men get Sir pretty much whatever their age. Though I notice young guys don't call other young guys sir. No woman likes being called ma'am, because it does imply that you're old and being old in this society is the same as being ugly and no woman wants to be thought of as ugly. I'm from Washington State, btw.
  • I'm from Maryland USA. If any thing my Father taught me is to use my manners (or else) and I respect that fact that people uses it also. But for me Please don't call me 'Ma'am, it make me feel so old.
  • Nope. This Texas girl sees it as a nice gesture.
  • Not at all..I call people sir and ma'am as well. I am from louisiana
  • No I do not mind at all in fact I find it rather endearing. I have lived in Europe a long time on and off but I am from Tennessee.
  • It did offend me, but I'm getting used to it. But all in all it is offending. Here's why: People are judging you to be older or older than they are; which may or may not be the case, but why should it matter? People are calling attention to the fact that I am married or that I'm single. Calling attention to someone's age is rude and cruel in our youth-obssessed society that is much harder on women. A woman's marital status shouldn't matter. Men are not being judged in the same way, so it's sexist. All men are Sirs whatever their age. We should call all women Ms (Miz) which takes into account neither marriage status or age.

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