• Well i think if you already have the basics the best thing you can do is just practicr speaking english. Talk to your friends, get a job ehere you have to talk to people. Join a club. Get busy talking to people who speak english. Even on skype or soemwhere else on the need english immersion. You need to get used to speaking it again so you dont forget. Even typing can help a bit i think so like here how were talking online this helps as well.....just meet new english speaking people wherever however you can
    • kevonb129
      I wish you thr best of luck my friend. I will pray for you. Do you have a church in your area you can go to? Go there and youll meet some new people
    • Dubzwow
      I appreciate your answer sir. I'm a student so i can't work at the same time. And the people over here in Turkey aren't very keen on learning this language so there aren't many people who speak with it. I'm trying to get a few people to actively talk with me, on the net and at school. But they don't have proficient English as well.. That's the problem :/ Lots and lots of studying is the only thing i can do it seems :( If you have any other suggestions please do share them with me sir!
  • English is a very difficult languge to learn. compared to other languages it is one of the hardest. the Subject, Verb, Object language, which spends much effort on the subject which is usually you or "I". is your difficulty in the writing or speech? If it is writing i wouldn't mind having any conversation to help. If it is speech then there are many outlets to refresh and relearn! I hope this helps a little. If i can, living in turkey at this present time seems stressful for anyone, being in that region with such rediculous things happening is very sad and i wish you the best! (No turkey is not necessarily violent but i still wish you the best!!)
    • Dubzwow
      Well it's in both i suppose, because i haven't been able to write nor speak throughout these years. But i'm in University, so i've got a responsibility after all those years. Meaning that i will have to write lots of essays and have English classes. The actual question i'm looking for is: Would it be possible to get fluent again as i was before? By learning lots and lots of new words. I'm just stressed about the extent.

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