• I'd upgrade my car. Go from a Honda to a Lexus or BMW LOL.
  • 2-11-2017 I would buy 500 ounces of silver. The nation is collapsing, and it will be nice to own something of tradeable value when the end comes.
  • Well, 10,000 is not a lot , but if you have to spend it in a week. Pay up you credit card , one of them. Buy some clothes for the coming season. Give some to your family , mother, brother , sister; who ever need it most,and then give some to the people on the street , see what they need , you will feel very happy . I did a few times giving money to teenage student that miss money for lunch , from a stranger the fell the world is still warm . Go out and do some good with the money.
  • I'd take a trip to Tokyo and Seoul
  • Pay up my bills, rent for the year; pay up car note; give some to family, friends, etc, a good portion to the Watchtower Bible Tract Society; update puter; purchase new wardrobe, etc.
  • I would spend it on hookers and blow.
    • Jewels Vern
      And then just waste the rest, right?
  • Pay off every bill, and even pay some in advance. Buy things I always get in advance. And if there's any left, have a good time.
  • I'd pay off my doctor bills and pay the rest to a dentist for future work. And hope I manage to acquire the other many thousands it will take to rebuild my mouth.
  • try to spread it out over home repair, and medical, dental, and try to squeeze a vacation out of it. And if a vacation was not in the cards, grab a few 6 packs for sure.
  • I would buy a new vacuum cleaner......
  • Pay off all debt. Then go on a trip across the country.
  • Tithe first then buy something I can return on Monday for a full refund.

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