• There is nothing wrong with you. You love your little brother. You don't know much of what is going on in his life. You see a video - completely out of context - that seems to show him in a sad situation, and your mind fills in the blanks with worry. Not abnormal. Take it from a father of three. Not being home most of the day, when I hear about something that may suggest that one of my children is hurt, I go over the top. My gf - the mother of my children - is constantly telling me that I am overprotective and that I am making too much of a small matter. You are doing the same. The only things that you can do is try to talk to your brother more often. I am sure that you will quickly find that he is a happy and healthy 6 year old who would have no idea why you are worried about him. (Though, in fairness, it does not take much to convince a 6 year old to feel sorry for himself. Child # 2 of mine is 6, so I know of where I speak. To wit, never ask a small child a leading question - they will try to answer not necessarily how they feel, but how they think you want them to feel.) The other thing you need to remember is that your mother loves your brother - her son - too. Have confidence that she will make sure that he is happy and well cared for, both physically and personally. There is nothing wrong with being concerned about your little brother, but you are doing him, your family as a whole, and yourself no favors by torturing yourself with imagined fears. Just imagine how your little brother would feel if he thought he was making you unhappy. Paradoxically, that is what you are doing when you give in to fears based on little more than pictures and a supposition about what those pictures mean.

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