• Yes, thank you admins! Answerbag is really moving forward.
  • Yes, I noticed this morning the flags have turned green. I didn't notice that we could flag questions as well. Thanks for pointing that out, Ice man. :)
  • Flags are now yellow, not green and yes, I can also flag questions. Thanks a lot to the developer team!
    • Murgatroyd
      They are not showing as yellow on my screen, iwnit. I can see three "related questions" from here surrounded by various shades of yellow, but none of them is remotely as green as the new flags.
    • Ice man
      I have to agree with Murgatroyd, the questions under "Related Questions" on the right side of this page, show several sades of yellow by comparison to the color of the flags. What colors do you see in the column on the right? The flags might appear yellow on your screen, but they're definitely green on mine.
    • iwnit
      @Murgatroyd, Ice man: I cannot understand why we don't see the same color for the flags. I saw green flags in the beginning, but now, they have turned yellow. I see yellow flags under Chrome, Firefox and IE. I noticed also that the flags can only be seen after a login.
    • Ice man
      I've been using Chrome, but just checked on Firefox. I think the problem might be because of browser or windows versions. I am using Windows 7 (10 ate my hard drive). In Chrome everything works fine. In Firefox - never mind color... none of the flags appear what so ever. I'll try to update Firefox to see if it makes a difference.
    • Ice man
      I updated Firefox and saw no change at first, then realized I wasn't signed in anymore. Signed in, and Voila, there are my missing flags, and yes they are without a doubt green. In fact I'm using Firefox to change this up date. : )

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