• I don't think that's necessary true. I prefer talk men but there's the occasional short guy that walks talk. Oh, I'm a tall woman.
    • The Original Mixed-Up Kid
      I take it you didn't see the original question out of which I am taking the mickey. Every time I see a question that generalises by gender, I automatically post the reverse of it partly to stick two fingers up at gender generalisation and partly because I enjoy poking fun at other people's questions anyway. I try to do it while the original version is also showing on the main questions page so that people can see what I am doing to their questions. Lol:)
    • The Original Mixed-Up Kid
      By the way, what are "talk men"? Men who talk too much? And how does a short guy (or any other guy) walk talk? What does that mean?
    • Jewels Vern
      You need to learn better manners. Work on that, ok?

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