• Summer of 1989.
    • Ice man
      I'll bet the sun was warm and the wine and the beaches were excellent. : )
    • we are dough
      Get off my island.......
  • I've holidayed on a couple of Spanish islands. My man-boobs enjoyed the experience immensely.
    • Ice man
      Keep an eye open for turtles.
    • Lilo Avli
      My Jap's eye ain't as big as yours. Evidently.
    • Ice man
      Oh great, now look what you've started ..
    • Lilo Avli
      You could always get that naval pierced and clean your guttering.
  • Not as long as they kill bulls and call it sport.
    • Ice man
      Don't you eat meat ?
    • Lilo Avli
      At least take Lady Mircat out for dinner first, Mr. Ice. Where are your manners ?
    • Ice man
      Don't push, I was getting to that next. First things first, you know...
    • Lilo Avli
      (Sorry for treading all over your chat-up lines.) (Let me know if you get any.)
    • Ice man
      Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow, I think she might be off pounding on her .. drum skin...
  • Yup, love it
  • Yup. Saw the major cities, loved Barcelona (see Las Ramblas and .Park Guell.). Also saw a smaller town, Rhonda, at the rim of an incredible gorge with an ancient monstrous stone bridge, see it if you can (south of Madrid). Great country, wonderful people, and excellent wine (check out Rioja)
  • One of best destination in Europe is Barcelona in spain , I stayed in Leo hotel this one very reasonable in price, the hotel room is very clean, comfortable and luxury, hotel restaurant is very unique, the best thing about this hotel is its location which is nearby big shopping area for all brands and near food area of different restaurant also its very near Catalonia square which is cosmopolitan capital of Spain
  • no, ive never been there, cant afford to travel right now
  • No, but I've often been in pain. Especially after tripe and turtle soup.
    • Ice man
      Maybe try wiping the turtles behind before dropping it into the pot next time...
    • we are dough 68
      Behind what ?
    • Ice man
      The back door.
  • Yes, I modelled for a photo book there. I travelled all over the world posing for such books. I did a book titled "Lady Malaga" at Malaga in Spain. I also did "Lady Casablanca", "Lady New York", etc.
  • My wife and I were in Spain in June of 2022, visiting friends in Madrid and in a country village. We rented a car and drove to their village, where we stayed with them for a couple days.
    • Black Mystique
      Did you enjoy it?
  • What happened at the marathon anyone able to translate this page? Does it say something about a heat wave then it says 20 degree C? I don't read much spanish
  • It's not on my bucket list.
  • No, traveling to Spain is not on my plans. But what I find exciting to watch is The Running of the Bulls. lol 🏃 🐂
  • Yes, my most visited destination to date.

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