• (Related to above) because one of the biggest regrets of my life is being extended breastfed. My mom said I could nurse for as long as I wanted to, and so I nursed until I was, like, 7 1/2 years old.... it wasn't sexual or anything, I know she was trying to get me the "best possible start in life" and that it was for the health benefits and stuff (for both of us), but now that I look back on it (Im 15 now), I regret it...
  • If you are in good health it is not harmful but you should consider whether you are doing it for your kid or for yourself.
  • You make it sound like your mother gave you a choice. As the parent, it was her responsibility to decide what was in your best interest. Be sure, there ARE benefits, including nutritional and deeper parent child bonding. Asking you if you wanted to breast feed is like asking a ten year old when he wants to stop eating candy. He is not apt to make a good choice because he is too young to know. You will be happy to know that you breast fed till about the average age in some Asian cultures. American standards on breast feeding are well below the world average - about a year. So odds are, if it had negative effects, they would be no better or worse than what you see in much of the world. So the question is: Why do you regret it? Your mother made sure that you had a high nutrition diet. You got the benefits of a deep bonding with your mother, which studies show generally mean higher self-esteem and self-confidence. To be sure, the data are all over the map on the sexual development of boys who have had extended breast feeding. It may explain why you are a little obsessive about whether or not you are masturbating too much. (See also some of your other questions.) However, you have told me that you have a crush on a girl - and you suggested at one point that you might have on a boy, though you seem to have backed off on that. So on the whole, about the most that can be said is that you are healthy 14 1/2 year old with maybe, but doubtfully, bisexual tendencies. (Bisexuality, like homosexuality, is not regarded as abnormal.) So what is there to regret? I will say that with my own children, we went a little longer than 1 year old for all three - which is about the American average. However, that was a parenting choice made before we learned as much as we did later. Indeed, I wish my gf and I had looked into this before we stopped breastfeeding the kids, we may have stretched it out a bit - though probably not to 7 years old. So again, why do you regret it - especially since the decision was first and foremost your parents and not yours.

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