• No but I saw one on the Disney channel perhaps 20 years ago. He was popular for maybe seven years - all before I was born - but has spent 60 years giving interviews. He was interesting but seemed to have a deep sadness. Don't know about the agitation but perhaps if I were his age I would be just as agitated.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. I see the video has since been removed from Youtube. In it he clearly regrets agreeing to this interview in the first place and defiantly gives only one word answers. The last few seconds says it all when he says " We're done? Okay, now GET all this CRAP OUT OF HERE !! ". I expect the producers misled him and disrespectfully took over his home. Jerry is the only one we see but gauging by the inability of the novice interviewer, I have to think the rest of the crew probably weren't overly professional, or professional looking either.
  • 1-9-2017 Wow. Just Wow. This guy was good, but at 90 he's incredible. This flick also has the first time Jerry and Dean met after the breakup, and Jerry's famous line "Are you working?"
    • Ice man

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