• 12-20-2016 You have no answers because the site can't cope with such a long question. Post a shorter rant and you might get some answers.
    • Bootsiebaby
      You mean you can't cope with such a long question. Lol:)
    • qais123
      There is a girl I like in school and I don't know how she feels about me , she always said that I'm a gentleman and I'm one of the best guys that she ever known , but the problem that she flirts with everyone in front of me but she don't flirt with me , and once we were alone together she started to smile at me and asked me if we can take a pic together {she don't take pic with boys } and she changed the way she reacts like she was shy or something but I don't feel that she was shy because she feel comfortable when there is other students , and talk to them all but she don't talk to me , and I started to feel that she avoiding me or something... when I text her she take too long to replay and I asked her why she said that she is busy from studying and family and everybody texting her and she don't have time to replay to everyone and then she apologize to me... she don't look me in the eye... and now there is a long holiday........she always say "I love you best friend " or "I love you brother " why she say this things ,dose she say them to make an excuse to say I love you or she is telling me we are friends nothing more. what should I do [do I text her or wait her to text me ] . Dose she like me? And why she act like that? And do girls have too much pride like I must to start everything? And please please what to do?
  • It sounds as if she is flirting with other guys to test your reactions. I wouldn't behave like that myself, if I like a guy (and he would have to be a gentleman to be of the slightest interest to me) I simply tell him I like him. I don't believe in waiting for him to ask me for a date, I like to pick and choose my own partners. Maybe you would be better off with someone who has a similarly direct approach.

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