• Easy is relative. Depression can be a lift long battle or it can be just getting over a incident.
  • Yes if you become healthy.
    • nicole drye
      I mostly am
    • Kate B. Forsyth
      Depression can be disastrous to everyone if not treated well. Why do we feel depression? Maybe you missed your family, a bad experienced in the past , often gets rejection and etc. So how to survive if you have depression? - it comes first in yourself, you should be aware of your situation, you must stop worrying those things in the future that might happen to you or to your love ones. Stop having a day dreaming and pressuring you by comparing yourself and your achievements with others? So basically just control the way you react with the current,past and future happenings of your life. - avoid those people,things or a situation that can trigger your depression. It could be a person that always bully you, those who give negative comments to you or simply a person that can trigger your depression and anxiety. - stay with those who understand you and cares for you no matter what. It might be your sister, mother , best friends or anyone that you feel safe and can motivate you to move on. - you need to relax, it could be in a form of a vacation to unwind yourself together with your friends and family. - enjoy yourself by playing your favorite sports or online games together with your friends - of course take a balanced diet and regular exercise. Having exercise every day can make you feel relax.
  • Yes...all you have to do is cut the crap out of your life that is getting you down.
  • I would it depends on what caused the depression and if it were childhood related , those types of depression are mostly deep rooted and need a lot of time and care .... ptsd can be caused by seeing a hardship , death , accident , horrible weather conditions , stress related issues that cause shock is what I'm trying to say on this one , can be sometimes easier to work with , some depressions may take medicines and some may not , it really depends on the person ... I hope I made some sense
    • Pattijo
      P.S sometimes a fall can cause issues ex ...

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