• No doubt in my mind at all. i would be there.
  • Probably not. I don't really approve of the whole internet dating thing.
  • Only if we had established a serious emotional involvement, I could afford it, and I was sure they wanted me to visit.
  • Totally. I would be all over it. Especially after performing a background check.
  • Theoretically yes, maybe it would also depend on which side of the atlantic I were... Practically no. I'm married.
  • If we had been talking long enough that I really trusted them, and we had talked on the phone, etc, I definitely would. What an adventure that would be!
  • Yeah, I probably would.
  • No, the flight would be way too long and I have a fear of planes :) I would pay their airfare to come visit me instead..LOL
  • Whose springing for the tickets?
  • Yes , If I had been talking to them quite a long time and knew that they were genuine.
  • No. On-line is one thing but the reality of face to face is another.
  • I'm not sure I would drive across town to meet someone for an internet relationship, much less fly across the Atlantic! I don't fly anyway. I have made several friends on the 'net and met them for lunch as they came through my town, but looking for love? Ummmm, no.
  • Yes but not until we got to know each other enough to know that it would not go badly wrong the day of the meet :o(
  • Are you crazy?!! There are plenty of people out there just ready to take advantage of another person.If someone did; I suggest, having a round trip ticket and stay in a public place until you are completely sure of the others motive!
  • I think this question would depend on if you're a male or female. I (as a female) would never take the initiative of going to see a guy only because it's more dangerous for women to put themselves in a completely unfamiliar area where you're surrounded by no one you know or trust. If I developed a relationship with someone online (which I have in the past) then I feel it's the guy's responsibility to come to the girl to meet. That way she's in a safe environment and surrounded by close friends and family. As sexist as it may sound... hey we're the more "vulnerable" species so that's the way the cookie crumbles in my opinion :)
  • Yes. Life is too short to add any more 'I wonder what would have happened if...' type things to mull over when it is to late to find out what would have happened... But do take reasonable precautions for your physical AND emotional safety. And please let us know how it turned out : )
  • I doubt it. A girl that lives near me tried to visit her online boyfriend two year ago and the FBI caught her in Jordan, she was 16 at the time, and he's from Palestine and that's where she's going to meet him again. She left today! She met him on myspace. She has a one-way ticket but insists she's going to be back in 10 days. Her family is worried sick, she hasn't been really forthcoming with her plans, and apparently he hasn't been consistant with what he's said to her parents. I don't know the family, but I'm worried about this poor girl all the same.
  • Only after many many hours of talking on the phone, exchanging real mail, emails, etc., but yes. And I am a woman and would jump at the chance to travel across the pond. You can travel as a woman, alone, and be safe. It's called doing your homework and being smart. ☺
  • There would need to be a lot of chatting, phone calls, letters. Then possibly.
  • No, don't think so.
  • As others have said, I would only consider it if a strong emotional and intellectual bond had been forged first. I fall in love easily, but I am extremely cautious when it comes to my safety, especially with people who have the perfect medium to be dishonest. I would need to feel that I knew that I could trust them, that they were genuine, that there would be no pressure for anything to "happen" and that if things didn't work out romantically that they would accept that. I would not spend all that money or potentially put myself in harm's way for someone who wasn't worth it. I would need to know they not only loved me, but really knew what love was.
  • I`m a Russian woman,living in Russia. If I love somebody I can buy a ticket to go and meet a man I love
  • I have been chatting with a man online for over 5 years we both decided it is time to meet,yes he is married and has been upfront with this.We have shared emails pictures ect.It started as just friends but too years ago we began talking on the phone.One day he just came out and ask me to meet him on a lay-over to New Zealand .I was on holiday there last year.He has never ask to meet me,even though he has known for sometime,I have very strong feelings for him, which he knows this. Heck I even think I love him,we discuss his family,his grandson's know me by my name,but yet he is very caucus when his wife comes around.That is the part I don't understand..I will be meeting him for the first time in a few days.What should I get him as a gift?

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