• He will NEVER be paroled. Pure evil can not be rehabilitated.
  • I am unaware of the law or it's stipulations.If two people commit the same kind of crime why is one released and not the other.Maybe one is rehabilitated and the other not.Is there is set amount of years for a crime and one must be released or can one remain in prison for life.Only his parole hearing will decide that and what I personally feel about it will have no bearing on it's outcome.
  • He has come up for parole more than once. He tries to argue he is better now. But he always has a new carving in his forehead so they don't believe him. So I do not think he will get out. The only reason he is even offered parole is because he is insane and this is the excuse for what he did. I do not think it's right.
  • He should be locked up for life. No one with that mentality should be let out to wander around the likes of us!!!
  • That's creepy thought. I wonder what would happen if he visited North Korea?
  • He will never "do his time"...he should stay where he is until he dies.
  • I'm not worried because I really don't think he'll ever get out. It'd cause way too much of an uproar. He's too famous for his acts.
  • People need to do their research before just blatantly making comments re someones life. Just remember: (1) Charlie never ordered anyone to kill (2) Charlie never paid anyone to kill (3) Charlie was not at the scene of the crime (4) Charlie never snitches (he learned that in jail) (5) Charlie had no motive and didn't gain anything On the contrary, he got a death sentence (later reduced to life)when he was accused of being the one behind it and he has suffered tremendously. When the others tried to defend themselves by implicating him the media publicity turned him into a monster and that is why everyone is afraid of him. It was also a political maneuver. In reality, he just let people be who they were (also learned from jail time)in order to avoid conflict. His heart is broken can't you see that!! He is hanging on to what is left of his sanity by using his extensive imagination and practicing astro-projection and visiting the desert where he used to live. In his whole life he never had a good role model(or real family); instead he had anti-social role models. When he was released he was scared but since it was the hippie period he fit in and was found very attractive, it was the only good time in his life (Come on, why would he even want to do anything like murder someone?). These people that commited the murders were high on drugs and did what they did because of that... period. Do research on the web and count on spending several hours doing it and then you will start to see the real picture. I could say much more but you can discover for yourself if you have the time and might surprise yourself.
  • No one is going to want to be the one who paroled Charles Manson. I mean no one. I think he'll die in prison, and, I think that's probably the way he wants it to be anyhow.
  • Sharon Tate's mother has stated many times that as long as she's alive, she will be attending every parole hearing. Just to make sure he never gets out. The guy is pretty crazy, and says some pretty off the wall stuff. I don't think he could hold it together long enough to convince the parole board to let him out.
  • "Free Charlie!!"
  • a few years back my aunt and cousins went to california for a sports competition. while they were out dining they met a man who claimed to be a son of charles manson. they exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet up sometime soon to attend a party or something. this unfortunately never happened. we no longer have contact with him that i know of. ~just a random story to share. ofcourse i only have a glimpse of what happened.
  • I think it is enough injustice to pay tax money to keep him alive all this time, I am surprised they didn't terminate him there and then and be done with him.
  • i feel that if we were to have let him go we would be killing his next victims our selves. letting a man like that in to the world he could do somemany inhumane things to people out there.. and when people like him get locked up all they do is think about the next time
  • The man should NEVER be paroled. He orchestrated a haienour murder, and, from my understanding, they've found MORE boides that no one ever knew existed on the ranch where he and his followers lived.
  • watch some of his videos on youtube. pretty good stuff
  • Manson comes up for parole every few years, as do the other family members. The sensational aspect of his crimes alone will preclude him from ever being set free. I'm not sure he even wants to be free. I do believe some of the other members have served their time and shown themselves to be model prisoners.
  • Well it would be a total injustice, he was responsible for 9 murders or more with intentions of starting a war where thousands more would die. In prison he has purposely been defiant in order to stay where he is, he makes threats and such if he were let out, thats why he wont get out because he still is a huge threat to society.
  • No, he should never get out.
  • The world has changed so much from the 60's that Manson couldn't function in todays world. And he knows it. He's not as looney as he likes to pretend. He's just affraid of being let out into a world where he has no power, or control. In jail he's CHARLES MANSON notorious ring leader. In the real world, he'd be Chuck, the pizza delivery guy. Which do you think he prefers?
  • He has had several parole hearings to no avail. I don't see that changing any more than the Krenwinkle or Adkins girls being paroled. It just ain't gonna happen. I believe they will all die in prison and rightly so. Actually I think it's a shame they can't die but once for the havoc they wrought on the Tate and LaBianca families.
  • Charles Manson probably doesn't want to get out at this point and has resolved himself to staying right where he is... Most career criminals don't know what freedom is and have been raised with an institutionalized mindset. Believe me... He is not a stupid man, just a crazy Motherfrucker... Thats why he will never get out. He will never confess to doing anything wrong or show any kind of public remorse. his ego would not allow him to do such a thing and his intelligence understands exactly what he needs to do to ensure that never happens... Three squares and a bed man... three squares and a bed!
  • I'm glad that he didn't get parole and he never should. The same goes for all of his merry murder mates. BTW, I met Vincent Bugliosi (he's the ADA who got the Manson clan sentenced to death) at a UCLA book fair. I bought his book, "The Betrayal of America" and he signed it for me. Unlike my autographed pic of Elvis, I ain't throwin' this away. :p
  • Well even if he gets out someone will kill him, there are too many people that knows how crazy and sick he is.

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