• My BMI is 22.6, which I calculated from this website -- I think that BMI and percent body fat are better measures than just weight. Weight by itself doesn't really tell you anything. Of course, weight together with BMI (body mass index) and percent body fat tell you a lot.
  • I think it's pretty inaccurate for most people. I'm about 20 lbs overweight with a BMI of 30 (which indicates obesity... but obesity is classified as being 50 lbs or more overweight, so that doesn't add up at all). Even at my slimmest my BMI would indicate that I'm overweight, which simply isn't the case. I have a lot of muscle on a large frame, which causes the body mass index to be completely inaccurate.
  • My BMI is 26, which is technically overweight. I'm very fit and most people think I'm actually 20 lbs less than I actually weigh. For your average framed, average muscled person, I think it's fine but if you stray anywhere out of average, it'll be inaccurate. I think body fat is better too. Last I checked, I had a body fat of 18% (lean for a woman)

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