• I think that nearly every downrating I have ever received was on the basis of my making a joke. If no one has noticed, yet, I tend to do it a lot. =/ I guess my sense of humor is in poor taste to some people. Oh well. Can't win 'em all :P
  • Yes, sometimes. I tend to have a lighter approach to some subjects. Maybe some of those aren't that light to begin with. You must be careful in deciding when to use humor, I guess.
  • So many times I could not count them all. Good question.
  • Yeah its always better to smile and laugh through some thing from a difficult trial to a random question. Laughter is a key to unlock a door that will bring the spirit back up. I think we all have experienced this at least once.
  • Yeah. I try to show respect to the people on AB, but sometimes when I try to lighten the mood a bit it backfires and attracts the wrong kind of attention.
  • Yah that happened to me at least once because they took their question more seriouly. So I used it as a learning experience. I joked more and dared the whole AB crowd to lower my score(I wanted to see how low they could get)Anyway after several rounds of realy insulting and daring them the lowest score I could get them to give me was -16 pts.
  • More often than not, I have proven that many people are void of a sense of humor.
  • Yes. I think it happened to me quite often. Sometimes I just could not resist making a joke. I think that I mostly try not to hurt feeling by doing this. But sometimes, question askers (or reader) consider joke as bad answers, which should be downgraded, because: - the jokes do not really answer the question - if the jokes do answer the question, they do not respect some unwritten rules or suppositions (on the contrary, the jokes use lateral thinking) - the downraters do not get the joke and find the answer to be nonsense - the downrater find it is a bad joke, for instance they find a joke in this context not fashionable - some hidden wound of the downrater was hurt In the meantime, if have to make a joke, I often give the joke as a first answer, and give afterward (inside the same answer mask) another, serious answer.
  • YES!!! all the fricken time!
  • YES! but then that shows a lacking sense of humour! I take it with a pinch of salt :D
  • Yep. Most of us probably have been. The one that comes to mind for me is when someone asked where they could get some teeth. Like not dentures or teeth to put in their head, but teeth that have fallen out of your or someone else's head. So I made the absolutely necessary joke about paying off the toothfairy, and was downrated...even though all the other answers were jokes too and didn't get hit, go figure!
  • I answered a joke with a joke and got down rated. Everybody who answered was to. I guess someone had fun giving bad ratings. <shrug>
  • I got downrated on a question, just trying to throw a little humor into the bag but others came and gave me the points back plus. I don't know if anyone answered the question.
  • Yup! It's a joke people!
  • It has happened to me, in my early days. Since then, I've realised that people on AB take things very seriously, and that knowledge has allowed me to do well during my stay here
  • Frequently, even if the person that asks the question Uprates the answer, you are bound to get some less enlightened people come along and pull a hissy fit and DR everyone for the sake of so doing.
  • No, whenever I make a joke I give a serious answer with it.
  • I haven't been downrated, but I have been ignored.
  • I'm sure I have. So, some things just strick you funny and you have to say it then. I used to get all worried about getting drd., but What the heck.
  • Many, many ,many times.
  • All the time. But I'm not sure if it's my bad jokes or my trolls. Either way, I just waggle my ears, don my jingly cap and march on my merry way!
  • I had one of the top answers on a question once till someone flagged it nonsense.
  • Yes ... ... even had it rejected as spam/offensive, even though it was in the joke category ... I heard a local comedian ask it as part of his stand up comedy ... I made a slight rewording, so as not to be a total plagiarist, then posted the question ... "Have you ever felt like killing yourself, called a suicide hotline, gotten a phone center in Pakistan, told them you were feeling suicidal, and had them excitedly ask if you could drive a truck?"
  • many times!
  • Oh yes! A few times. But I don't loose any sleep over that. It has no effect whatever on me.
  • Don't know about that. I use a lot of humor in my answers and here lately I have been getting DRd so much I don't even read the answer to see I said anymore. I doubt seriously it was for a joke though. Either a troll or someone disagreeing with me over a contraversial topic.. i try hard to stay away from them but it seems like EVERY topic here lately is contraversial or someone makes it contraversial. I swear someone can ask a question on what to name your dog and some a hole will come along and want to start to start an arguement about why all dogs should be banned and everyone should get cats... sounds funny but think about it.

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