• I know for a fact that you have to wait at least 6 weeks for any cartilage piercing, and with something as big as an industrial (I assume it's gauged) I would wait a long long time (3 months or more). In a little over a week it's still probably raw open flesh that hasn't even begun to heal. If you are really antsy to change it I would wait at least 1 month or you could really hurt your ear by trying to change the barbell.
  • 6 months! At least. If you have a longer bar than you need (you should have been pierced with a long one to accomodate swelling) then you should return to your piercer soon and have them change it. Industrials are usually fussy things, and don't take kindly to early jewelry changes. This goes double if your industrial is complex, something more than the common helix to helix industrial.

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