• I would say negatively.When I was brought up there was very little violence in movies and TV.Back then it was psycological violence and not as much physical.Also there seems no consequences for the violence,and no one gets punished.This sets a bad exsample for behaviour.The youth think that they should get away with violence just like thier TV and film,so called heros.Also the violence is far to graphic and mistakenly glorified.In real life a dead foe is not glory.
  • It desensitizes people, children included. So when someone dies, it's not such a big deal anymore because they see it all the time in movies, etc. Virginia Tech- 20 years ago it would STILL be in the news and there would be MUCH more support. But to us, a month later, it's old news. And it doesn't seem like a big deal, or that it even happened. Like any other tragic ending flick. It's very desensitizing.
  • it has no effect, except maybe gives younger kids nightmares. They do NOT invoke violence in anyone, it is just natural inborn into them.
  • Violence. In. Media. Does. Not. Affect. Youth. Period.
  • well... I think that it really depends on how the child is brought up. As the violence shown in movies, video games are 'man-made'. But I would say that too much violence as in some movies nowadays are definitely not suitable for youths. However,on the other hand, it helps them understand better what is happening on 'the other side of the world'.

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