• Yes.You have to be qualified and they legitamately help many patients with posture etc.
  • It's a legitimate medical profession, but I wouldn't see one on my life. Some chiropracters are very good at what they do and for basic manipulation they may be fine. But when they cross into the realm of medical diagnosis and treatment, I've found they do more harm than good, sometimes misdiagnosing and initiating the wrong treatment. As a one-time EMT, I've heard too many stories of how a person's chiropracter hurt them even more.
  • Yes...absolutely. These doctors help with many muscular-skeletal disorders and misalignments. I have chronic low back pain (who doesn't?), which increases in intensity as time passes. I go to my chiropractor every few months for an alignment (tune-up)and feel immediate relief. Two or three treatments and I am fine for months. Of course, there are duds in this profession, as there are dud physicians, psychotherapists, massage therapists, etc. Shop around until you find someone who is effective for you...and who treats you with respect (explains things at an adult level!). This is a regulated profession i.e. "policed" by a Board of Doctors of you have recourse should you feel malpractice has been experienced.
  • Yes, my Chiropractor helped me a lot. I would probably be crippled if not for him.
  • A Chiropractor helped me get back on my feet after quite a smash.They helped me walk again. Now I can do my dancing again and any other crazy thing I want. All the regular medical profession could offer me was more operations and more time, maybe a lifetime laying flat on my back
  • I would not be walking around or bulding a house, I wouldn't be having much of a life if it weren't for one certain chiropractor. Many chiroprqctors have shown me alternate ways to good health without drugs and surgery. They have taught me about self care which doctors have not. They have encouraged me to be pro-active with my health, which doctors have not.
  • I love Chiropractors. I don't know where the negative stuff came from but it is way off base. I have been helped greatly in the past by Chiropractors.
  • I am a chiropractor and I have to agree it is a legitimate form of healthcare. I have been in practice for over 20 years and I have seen so many patients experiencing many, many different biomechanical problems that chiropractic offers the best form of therapy. Healthcare should not come from a bottle, chiropractors remove nerve irritations and let the body heal itself.
  • Yes, definitely. I love my chiropractor. I try to get a family doctor who is a D.O. so he can manipulate me when my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic visits. I have a chronic problem with my SI joint and it just wreaks havoc on my whole body. It's even helped my daughter who has rheumatoid arthritis. And chirpractors are doctors they don't learn this stuff over the internet or out of a book. It's specialized, they choose to treat the problems with out medication versus a D.O. or an M.D. They have to learn how the human body works and what action causes what effect.
  • Depends. Chiro are people too. I found good ones and bad ones. Just like doctors. Some are bad and some are good. You will find that the ones who study and keep learning and have a good patient relationship are great. The ones that don't are not as good. I always go in and interview the person I want to do biz with. Are they open to questions? Will they give me explanations that I understand? Do they seem to care? My two cents.
  • Absolutely! Chiropractic Practice is an alternative to non medicated solutions, and this is important to a person who wants to avoid side effects of med's. They offer you relief naturally, and good practicioners offer a preventive cirriculum to avoid the same problem from reoccuring. The original studies of Chiropractics started using magnetics to stimulate self healing. They are familiar the body functions with energy meridians. Keep an open mind. Think of it this way. They know how to get the body to self heal. The way it was created to do. Many of our issues are because of what we put into our bodies these days. People walk out surprised after the first visit.
  • I agree with the terminology used by Dr. Hassard - chiropractic is a legitimate form of healthcare; or a legitimate health profession. Using the word "medical" can confuse the issue for many people, as they associate that word with Medical Doctors, or MD's. No, chiropractors are not Medical Doctors (they don't have the initials "MD" after their name), they are Doctors of Chiropractic, or DC's. They have the initials "DC" following their name. If you are familiar with college professors' titles, they are generally called "Doctor" so-and-so, but do not have "MD" after their names because they are not Medical Doctors. There are Doctorate degrees in other areas of study, and the designation "PhD" after a person's name indicates they hold a Doctorate degree in their field, which can be anything from Aeronautics to Zoology. It is totally appropriate to call a Chiropractor "Doctor" because she/he has a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. There is more than one kind of "Doctor"!
  • Medical school is a 4 year doctoral program going towards a medical doctor degree. Chiropractic school is a 4 year doctoral program going towards a Doctor of chiropractic degree. My father is a chiropractor and he works at a U.S VA hospital chiropractic department. So i think that answers your question if they are really doctors....
  • Yes, they have helped me a lot!
  • I would simply pose a question. When you have food poisoning, are you sick? This is my answer. You are not SICK, your body is responding NATURALLY, getting the poison out on its own. You may experience fever, which also is your body's way of getting rid of illness and infection. That doesn't mean you're SICK, it means your body is experiencing symptoms. People who flock to medical doctors in most cases are misled, and frankly, it makes me sad. That's the major problem in America's health care system! Doctors give medicines (introducing FOREIGN chemicals) into your natural, God-created, PERFECT self, which then cause MORE symptoms (side-effects), which lead to you taking MORE medication! Then there are the surgeons... who want to OPERATE on you, taking out something God intended to be there in the first place! I am not saying that medical doctors don't have their place. I do believe that in EXTREME cases, a medical doctor is necessary. But have you thought about the fact that health care as America knows it is BREAKING us? Breaking us physically AND financially! Do you know that up to 50% of bankruptcies in the US are the direct result of people being unable to pay for medical fees?! Medication, surgeries, doctor's visits, radiology, labs, etc... If people would go to chiropractors; taking an active role in their own health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we would have more people less sick! Health does not mean just the presence or absence of symptoms. It means optimal physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Our bodies already tend toward wellness. We are not machines that "break down" and need to be fixed. Picture this: Your spine "houses" all the nerves that go from your brain to all the other parts of your body. When joints in your spine or extremities (arms, legs, etc.) become injured, they can lose their normal alignment and motion and can become "stuck" that way. Stuck joints in the spine, also known as "subluxations", can irritate the nearby nerves, and muscles which can cause pain, stiffness, excessive wear and tear, as well as other health problems. Chiropractors locate subluxations and correct them with chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments allow those stuck joints to regain their normal position and motion which takes pressure off your nerves and muscles. When this happens; pain is reduced, motion increases, symptoms go away, and your health begins to improve. I don't personally use chiropractic just for pain- I go regularly, as normal wear and tear on my body is bound to result in spinal misalignment sometimes, which leads to sickness. There is a common misconception, and that is that you can become "addicted" to chiropractic. You don't get addicted in the sense of someone becoming addicted to nicotine in cigarettes, but you certainly can become addicted to feeling well and having more energy! In the beginning, you may go to the chiropractor more often, as it takes time to "train" your muscles to hold your spine in the correct way, but after you've established those muscles to "keep" your adjustment, then you don't have to go as often, you just have to maintain it. Just like you wouldn't expect to go to a gym and work out your muscles for one or two days, and expect to be "buff." You have to train your body properly! So do I agree with Chiropractic as a legitimate medical profession? Yes, I prefer it to allopathic medicine and would seek it out BEFORE I would go to a medical doctor. "Nature needs no help, it just needs no interference." ~D.D. Palmer, FOUNDER of Chiropractic
  • Absolutely Yes!!!

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