• That is difficult to say. Our brains are pre-wired, to an extant, for religious experiences. However, I've found that similar experiences are possible through non-religious means. For example, the state of 'runner's high' is remarkably similar to what Born-again Christians report when they experience their religious awakening. As for the history, biology, ethics, law, etc. in the Bible, I think studying those topics in a secular way is far more interesting and useful. You *will* miss out on the sense of community that being part of a religious group gives you, but you can find that in other communities. I'm glad your parents didn't indoctrinate you and are leaving this to you as a personal decision. Good luck.
  • In my opinion you aren't missing out on religion but you are missing out on a relationship with God. If it's something you are concerned about maybe a personal study on this subject that includes a study of the bible. It will be beneficial to you.
  • All the good things about religion (community, a sense of awe/wonder/mystery, transcendant feelings, etc.) that you would want to keep can also be found in abundance outside of religion. I think there's nothing good about religion that you can't easily find elsewhere. And to the bad things, good riddance!
  • The underlying power of religion is providing a structure for spiritual development. Do you need it? Well... you don't necessarily need an organized structure, but most people do find they have a "need" for spiritual development of some kind. There's a pretty wide spectrum of options, but I think it helps to understand a little bit about what spirituality is all about so you know what you're "missing out on" if you don't want to play. There's several ways to talk about spirituality. The approach that I think is most useful is to think in terms of "the part and the whole". You are the part. What is the whole? In some religions, God is the whole. In others, people talk about "universal consciousness" or "ultimate reality" or nature, etc. The purpose of spirituality is to develop your relationship with the whole so that it (or He) expresses itself through you into life, and you get to a experience the satisfaction, joy, and creative freedom that comes from recognizing your relationship with the whole.... belonging to the whole. Spiritual development tends to progress through stages, and along the way people are asked to give some things up, such as the notion that pursuing their desires will ever result in satisfaction. Spiritual development tends to call people to be of service to the world around them. In "exchange" for these kinds of sacrifices and the discipline of walking a path, spirituality offers a deeper and more grounded sense of what it is to be human, and release from some of the more pernicious forms of anxiety that afflict people. So that's what the game is basically about. Nobody else can really tell you to play, you have to ask your own questions, listen to your own life, mind, and heart, and make your own choices. It takes courage and commitment to go down one of these paths, and you can't always know in advance what will happen along the way. That's the risk of being alive and trying to be awake.
  • mainly the chance to study the strange world of mental health with real lunatics that actually live there.
  • Sorry honey, but you don't get religion from your parents. It's not like genetics. You can be half Irish and half Italian but it doesn't apply to religion, especially if you are not practicing either.
  • You're missing something, that's for sure, but it's not religion. You can't be half jewish OR half catholic. You may have one jewish parent and one catholic parent, but religion isn't passed down like blue eyes or brown hair. if you aren't practicing one or the other, then you are neither. If you don't think religion will ever be a part of your life, then you're either atheist or agnostic.
  • Religion is up to you... If you want to be a Jewish girl go for it... Or if you want to try Roman Catholics try that... Obviously the choice is yours not anyone elses... If you choose to be an Athesit welcome to the club kid...
  • There is a website called the half-jewish network. There are some interesting posts. You may also place yours.

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