• Yes, it is possible for a bullet to kill more than one person. If two or more people are standing back-to-back it can pass through all of them. If a bullet strikes a container that holds flammable substances (a realistic possibility in tactical situations) than it can kill many people.
  • Yea you've no doubt heard of exit wounds - where a bullet leaves the body...if that bullet hits another person it's a bad day for them as well.
  • it depends on the bullet itself. how aerodynamic it is, how far it can go, what gun is it fired out of... that sorta stuff. a rifle round, for example, can probably go through many people (all standing back-to-back). a soft-nosed revolver round, however, is designed to hurt more, so it probably won't unless fired at point blank or very near to it.
  • I remember a shooting a few years ago on xmas eve (think it was 04 but could have been 03) in Hackney, London. A party, one guy got shot, dead, the bullet then went through a wall and killed a second guy in the next room. So yes it is definatly possible!
  • Definately, a sniper rifle will go through a few people before the bullet stops, even though the sniper is fired from a great range. Again, it all depends on the caliber of the bullet, the shape of the bullet, and the type of fire arm it is fired out of. You can be sure that an armor piercing bullet can go through a great number of people. How about armore piercing incinerary?
  • Yes... Of course... The bullet that first when through JFK's neck also when through Gov. Connoly(sp). If it had hit any vital organs, HE would have died, too.
  • If you hit the person in the right place.
  • some bullets can go through an engine block so yeah
  • Yes, some bullets can penetrate several people. Armor-piercing bullets can, and elephant rifle bullets can, for example.
  • No, it's an urban myth.
    • Sandra Ursula
      No, some bullets can penetrate several people.

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