• The two causes that run to my mind first (from personal experience) are: 1) Fatigue - I mostly get them when I am tired 2) Anxiety/stress - I occasionally have it happen when I am agitated
  • do you rest your arm on a desk or against something that could have possibly pinched your nerve? That is what it sounds like to me.
  • That happens to me quite often. I have no idea what causes it... So... in all reality, this doesn't help you at all. I'm sorry.
  • These are called fasciculations - the little twitches. Ever have that in your eye lid? lol It is quite common. We notice it more in the major or larger muscles. It can be cause by, among other things: 1. Muscle fatigue (like eye strain) 2. Anxiety 3. Sleeping in a way that the muscle gets alot of pressure on it. 4. Neurological problem - not serious or serious 5. A harmless "tic" 6. "Benign Fasciculation Syndrome" : Some people have a muscle of many in their body that constantly are doing these little spasms or twitches! Modern medicine does not know what causes it but it is harmless - except it drives you nuts after awhile. Some things you can try: 1. Warm moist compresses to relax the muscle If it makes it worse, try cold pack. 15-20 minutes on and then wait 2-3 hours. Then 15-20 minutes on, then 2-3 hours. 2. Your doctor can give you Flexeril or another mild muscle relaxant for a short time. 3. Steroid shot or pills. Again short term to try and quiet the nerves feeding the muscle down since they and the muscle are both inflamed and irritated. It sometimes does work but must be done obviously in the doctors office or if you take low dose Prednisone or some other steroid, done by a prescribed medication given to you by your doctor. Yes, the twitches are annoying, but usually harmless.

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