• Depends. If it's one of my little nieces, I lose. If it's anyone else, I fight to the death!
  • It varies, sometimes I get lucky and win, sometimes I lose. But usually I elect to not play at all, because I can tell who *Always* loses at that game, the chicken.
  • We alway's had it to where the short end you get married first and the long end your wish comes true - I alway's got the short end -- no
  • To the best of my memory I always lose. :-( But I haven't tried in a while.
  • I usually always lose! And to think I know where to hold the bone that is NOT at its weakest point! LOL
  • This is a great question. It brought back memories when I was younger and my brother and I would always pull the wishbone.My mother would save it from the chicken and let it dry then we would see who got the bigger piece when we pulled it. As I remember whoever got it , their wish would come true. Oh those were the days. Thanks.:)
  • To be honest, I can't remember the last time I pulled a wishbone. However, I do have a story about wishbones... A few Thanksgivings ago, Lisa and I invited her mother, her brother Bryan and Bryan's girlfriend over for dinner. (For all you non-Americans, Thanksgiving is the holiday where we sit around and stuff our faces to celebrate taking our land away from the Native Americans - turkey is the common feast food to serve.) About a week before Thanksgiving, Bryan called and told us not to buy a turkey, as his boss was giving all of the employees a turkey, and he would bring it. He showed up at our house the evening before with a twenty-eight pound turkey. We actually had to go out and buy a larger roasting pan to fit it in. A week before Thanksgiving, my wife had cooked up some Cornish Game Hens for dinner. I saved the wishbone from one of the hens, because it was the smallest wishbone I had ever seen (about an inch long). Anyway, when we were sitting down to dinner on Thanksgiving, the table was absolutely covered with all of the goodies. I was at the head of the table, with a butchers knife to do the carving duties. I started carving and serving each person at the table. After everyone had a portion, I continued carving the bird onto a large platter. Unbeknownst to anyone else at the table, I had taken the previously mentioned Cornish Game Hen wishbone and hidden it up my sleeve. As I finished carving the turkey, I said "Huh. I would have expected a turkey this size to have a larger wishbone than this!" and I held up the hen wishbone. Everyone at the table just sat there for about 20 seconds in stunned silence, then the place just dissolved in laughter. It has been four years since that happened, and the subject still comes up every time my wife's family gets together. By-the-way...the actual wishbone from that turkey was almost seven inches long!
  • Last time hubby and I pulled on a turkey wishbone, it was a perfect split.
  • The two holding the bone win. The chicken loses.

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