• YES! Yes! Yes! My mom has been so stressed the past three years and you can really see the wear and tear in herface!
  • Yes, I think it can. You add those worry lines and furrows to your face. You also carry yourself differently when you are under stress for long periods of time - your step is not as spry and you aren't looking the world in the eye, and that can make you appear older too. Stress can also cause all sorts of physical maladies and pains, and those certainly make you appear older as well.
  • Yes I think that stress can be very aging, the constant frowns and screwing up of the face causes quite deep and aging lines on the face. I am sure that I have aged in the last year through stress.
  • i think it does
  • Take a look at every president before he takes office and when he leaves office. Whether you like him or not there is always a difference even if its only 4 years. "Nothing can make your body age faster than constant worry, anxiety and stress,

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