• I am pretty pirates BFF. I say go for it. you will never know until you do. and you will ALWAYS regret it if you dont! trust me I am 40 and I still regret not asking this one girl out in HS, and at my 20 year reunion she told me (and my wife) how much she wanted me to ask her out!!
  • just do it you have nothing to lose, the worst she can say is no thanks and you have lost nothing except 10 seconds of your life. let me know how it goes.
  • I would def go for it, and even if she says no, then she's not worth your time sweetie
  • Go for it anyway!!! :)
  • Hi SnoopDogg1, Please forgive me for not having answered this question yet - I have been taking a break and have only just stumbled across it :) I am not sure if you have asked this girl out as yet, so I will assume that you haven't and offer you advice from that position. Approaching someone can be really hard, especially if you aren't confident or don't know the other person very well. The first thing I would suggest is getting to know this girl a little better if you aren't already friends with her. That way, when you do ask her out, it won't seem so random and/or unexpected, and she is less likely to give you a negative response if you already have a friendship. Spend some time hanging out with her - show interest in her, but don't come on too strong. Just be your usual sweet self, make her laugh, and talk about your strengths and interests. Once you have established some type of connection or friendship with her, that is when you need to try and summon up the courage to ask her out. If you are interested in her then I assume that she is a nice girl and worthy of your affection and attention, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will be kind and respectful to you if and when you do ask her out. Finding courage can be tricky, but not impossible. Mark a date on a calendar and make that The Asking Out Day. Don't make too big a deal of it and get nervous, but look forward to it and think of it as a learning experience. Be proud of yourself for having enough courage to do what so many people are afraid of doing, which is putting your heart out there. It would be preferable if you could ask her out face to face, but if you are really too shy and scared, you could always write her a letter. Check it for spelling mistakes first and make sure it makes sense and is heartfelt. Then, you could pass it to her or leave it in her locker. I think it is important that you make it clear that there is no pressure on her to make a decision straight away and that you hope you can remain friends if she says no. If she feels pressured to answer, she might automatically say "No" out of embarrassment or pressure from her friends. The most important thing to do is be yourself and trust your instincts. The fact that you have asked for advice clearly shows me that you are a thoughtful person. I often think to myself, if I am afraid of doing something: "Imagine all the things I could have and would have achieved if I had absolutely no concept of fear or rejection" - imagine the possibilities! It takes a really brave person to approach someone, but you really have nothing to lose. Sure, she might say no, but so what? You had the nerve to ask her out in the first place, and it does get easier each and every time. I wish you all the luck in the world!
  • i would ask her, you never know what she will say
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky

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