• G'day Mustang, Thank you for your question. I think it is a perception that some men's clubs are for movers and shakers which women don't have access too. I am thinking of wealthy clubs which are centres of influence. Feminists would counter that womens only clubs are not nearly as influential in society as mens clubs. Personally, I think that clubs should generally be open to all especially all adults but I respect the rights of clubs to set their own rules. Regards
  • Its a double Standard women have
  • Have to agree with you on this one. My g/f goes to a lot of women only networking functions where guys aren't allowed to attend. Unless you're talking about the strip clubs. The men's clubs around me let women in, the girl's clubs don't let guys in, although I have no desire to go anyway. No need to go in. Just wait outside till they come out all horned up:)
  • Because women have a childish and insecure nature. They're like children who want you to share your toys with them, but want to keep their toys to themselves. Also, feminism has cultivated a selfish attitude in a lot of women and has caused them to become unreasonably demanding and preoccupied with their own self fulfillment while ignoring the needs and rights of men. It has also deluded many women into thinking that it's o.k. to use the coercive power of the government to impose THEIR rules on men.
  • Masculist is absolutely correct. Girls are allowed to join the Boy Scouts but boys are not allowed to join the Girl Guides. Here again another double standard. Why is it that females are so anxious to join male organizations but males are not interested in joining female organizations? I think it must be that, if a woman joins a man's club she is moving up, but if a man joins a women's club he is moving down. It's the same with clothes. If a woman wears male clothes e.g. trousers, ties etc. she is improving herself but if a man wears female clothes e.g. dresses, blouses etc he is becoming a figure of ridicule. I suppose men should be please really because imitation is the turest form of flattery.
  • Yeah pretty much, women want all the rights but not the responsibilities. It's kind of selfish in my opinion.
  • Because men enjoy being in clubs with women and sometimes women feel alone if there are no other women for them to laugh with. Women often feel indimated to be chatted up or eyed up while men allways enjoy the ego boost.
  • Lucille roberts is a women only gym but i have seen many men there. there always old but they are men. so it seems to me that women and men are more alike then you think.
  • I've never complained about men having their own clubs. I don't really see why it's an issue. Men can belong to the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" even for all I care. I doubt that men are secretly plotting against us in an attempt to regain supremacy over women in the world. The clubs are probably just healthy ways to escape for a while.
  • I got to agree with you on this one. We have ladies only parties at clubs where men are not allowed but it would consitute to sexual discrimination if it were men only. Also America's next top model has women only contestants, no show as such for men.

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